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Location in Wrocław
Garbary Street

Apartments in Wrocław - Old Town

Currently our main apartments are located in the town center on Wierzbowa and Krawiecka street, which is 2 minutes walking distance from the Main Square. Thanks to that location our guestes are able to discover the smallest and most charming alleys of Main Square. Believe us there is much to discover there - Wrocław as the city of dwarfs hides them around every corner! Apartments Wrocław is a mix of historical aspects of the city and luxury.

  • Krawiecka street offers one apartment with exterior of 65 square meters. Giving guests the possibility to experience Wrocław travelling with even 4 people group or family.

  • Wierzbowa street offers 17 apartments, with the space of even 80 square meters for 6 people to live in. Great exemple of two bedroom apartment for 6 people is Amsterdam, giving our guests an assurance of unforgettable stay in Wrocław

Your stay in Wrocław

Our apartments are located at Wierzbowa and Krawiecka street, within 5 minutes walking distance from our beautiful Main Square. Booking with Apartments Wrocław is thoughtful investment in having a memorable visit in Wrocław. Our highest priority is our guest's satisfaction. Location of Apartments Wrocław gives you a possibility to have a good rest in calm and quiet apartment, being as close as possible to the main tourist attractions at the same time.

Visiting Wrocław

Wrocław Old Town is the oldest part of the Wrocław city, located at left side of the river Odra. Formerly considered as administrative and governmental fraction of Wrocław, today represents heartland of the whole city. Currently, Old Town is main spot of attractions and historical treasures on the map of the city, being surrounded by beautiful Cloth Hall, churches and cloisters. Our guests have a flexibility in choosing from 3 different locations to meet their expectations and needs. Satisfaction of our guests is our highest priority!

Why us?

Deciding to book an apartment with us gives you variety of benefits, and makes it easier to get to know our beautiful city better! Staying in an apartment in the Old Town makes it easy to get anywhere in no time, without wasting it on public transportation. Old Town is considered a heart of Wrocław, full of tenement houses, great restaurants and cultural events at your fingertip! With just few minutes walk you can visit Wrocław's Opera House, Cathedral Island or National Forum of Music - constructed specifically for our city, while becoming European Capital of Culture in 2016. Winter in Wrocław is also magical - every year you can experience magic while walking around Christmas Market organized in the main square, full of tasty delicacies, mulled wines and honey, and stalls dedicated for both children and adults. New Year's Eve in Wrocław gives you an opportunity to experience great music and meet great people. Wrocław is also a chance to experience many different dishes and learn some new recipes - every year city of Wrocław sets up event Europe on a Fork, when you can meet the best chefs and try some of the greatest foods, being prepared in front of your eyes.  Our apartments make it easy to get anywhere - we are located within 7 minutes distance from Main Station and 5 minutes distance from bus stop, from which you can quickly get to the Airport.

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